Our Mission and Objectives


  • To give a constructive turn to the youth of the nation and train them as per Sikh tenets so that they are capable of competing with their best in the fast changing world scenario and set high standards of achievement and moral conduct.


  • To train the young minds in the best traditions of Sikhism
  • To enhance the professional capabilities of the students
  • To prepare and train the students so as to excel in their field and grow with a sense of service to society at large.
  • To extend the benefits of education to the deprived sections of society at affordable fee.
  • To instil in the student a spirit of nationalism, love for the motherland, respect for all religions and cultivate a composite culture of the mind which is in consonance with the high traditions of Sikhism.
  • To develop a cosmopolitan outlook so that our students become compatible for the growing international culture.